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Tranny Academy

Trannyshack presents...Dusty "O" 's Tranny Academy!


Following on from RU PAUL'S DRAG RACE, we at TRANNYSHACK thought it was high time we let some of our home grown girls shine and get a foot in the door of the drag cabaret market.

Trannyshack host and drag doyenne MISS DUSTY "O" has devised a cunning competition to do just that. With 25 years of drag under her wig, working all over the world as a dj, host and performer, no one in London has a better overview of the drag scene.

She will offer words of advise and words of warning and has taken it upon herself to eliminate one lady per week from the competition. Scary!

Each week over 2 days we are going to set our girls a task and provide a drag mentor to help them with it. The first day of the task will involve a talk by the mentor and the actual task. It will be filmed and go on to the TRANNYSHACK YOUTUBE CHANNEL for all the world to see. Then, the next night we play the video at TRANNYSHACK on the big screen and the girls get to show off the results of the day before's task.

This might be "working a weave" or "working the words". Then each week one girl is eliminated and the next week's task gets a tiny bit harder as competition mounts culminating in a nail biting finale where the final 2 battle it out in front of the TRANNYSHACK crowd. 

We have some fabulous girls who begin filming the first task on July 17th at the club and the first round at TRANNYSHACK on July 18th, when the first lady will be eliminated. Then each week for 6 weeks the girls battle it out to win a fabulous prize of £1000 worth of club bookings on the London Cabaret Drag Scene. Read the full interview with the fabulous Dusty "O" here.

The ladies who are through to the first round of filming are...


The schedule will run as follows so make sure you come down and don't miss out!

1st Heat - Wednesday 18th July
2nd Heat - Wednesday 25th July
3rd Heat - Wednesday 1st August
4th Heat - Wednesday 8th August
Quarter Final - Wednesday 15th August
Semis Final - Wednesday 22nd August
Final - Wednesday 22nd August

Tranny Academy : Every Wednesday throughout July and August
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Doors: 10pm-3am, £5, £3 with flyer, Free before midnight if you're in drag or make a gender- bending effort!
Tickets: Click me to purchase (tickets entitle the holder to priority, reserved entry)